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Assessment Questionnaire
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(A) Ensure the training of employees, including: 
A1) Training of all employees involved in the provision of services directly to consumers to ensure the satisfactory delivery of the tasks assigned to them;
A2) Recording the attended training by the employees in a training register established for this purpose;
A3) Appointment of a quality coordinator in order to ensure a coherent approach towards the quality management of the services provided and the involvement of the relevant employees in the quality process;
(B) Ensure the training of employees, including: 
B1) Establishment of a mechanism for the handling of consumers' complaints at the place of the delivery of the service or via the Internet;
B2) Ensuring that complaints are responded to without delay;
B3) Carrying out consumer satisfaction surveys and the taking into account the results thereof to improve the quality of the service;
(C) Keep and adhere to a documented cleaning and maintenance plan for the facilities or equipment where appropriate
(D) Make information available to consumers, including:
D1) Information on local customs, heritage, traditions, services and products;
D2) Information on accessibility with respect to the services provided;
D3) Information on sustainability aspects with respect to the services provided;
D4) Information on the Principles;
(E) Ensure that this information is correct, reliable, clear and accessible in at least the most relevant foreign language, if appropriate to the location and business concept.